Repair any computer & Fix any problem
When possible, I'll correct the problem on the spot. I'll do what it takes to get your computer working again as quickly as possible. Both PC and Mac computers are supported.

Does your network allow you to use your devices the way you'd like to? Do you have a strong wireless signal in the areas where you need it? Let me resolve such issues for you.

Printer setup & troubleshooting
Is your printer working as it should? Are there features you'd like to use but are not accessible? I can configure your printer and devices so that you can make use of all the capabilities.

Data backup & recovery
Safeguard your data with regular backups. Do you have information on your computer that you wouldn't want to lose? Make sure you've got a working automatic backup process keeping your files safe.

Virus & spyware removal and prevention
Most home computers today are not adequately protected from the ongoing threat of viruses. Once infected, your computer may run very slowly or simply not perform the basic functions you need. We can perform a virus audit, rebuild damaged software, install what you need, and provide you and your family with valuable training to help you prevent your computer from getting infected again.

New computer setup & data transfer
The transition to a new computer doesn't have to be daunting. I'll make sure you have a problem-free and seamless upgrade.

Cell phone, tablet, and eReader setup
Mobile devices are amazingly light and easy to carry around. If it's still waiting to be used, let me set it up for you and show you how you can use it, or use it more effectively.

Software training for common applications
Hands-on training is the best way for most people to learn to use the computer effectively. First, we assess your needs and skills, then we tailor your training to bring you to the level you wish to achieve.


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